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Our intention with the free amortization schedule calculator tool was to offer our visitors a quick and easy way to calculate any personal or car loan's amortization table. Simply fill out the form and click the calculate button!

Amortization table includes principal payment and interest payment, remaining balance and the estimated bi-weekly and monthly payment (or any other loan payment frequency).

Calculation is based on the entered data and the amortization formula (visit Wikipedia for more info). However it is simpler to use our calculator. :)

Loan amortization calculator

The amount that you owe or wish to borrow.


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Loan amount should be a number! Comma "," can be used as a digit grouping symbol. Please use the dot as a decimal symbol.

Example amount: 150,000.00

Annual interest rate paid for the borrowed money.


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Interest must be given in a number format and the decimal symbol must be a dot!

Example interest rate: 4.25

Length can be entered either in months or years.




Select the appropriate payment frequency below.

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Enter a start date or leave empty for today's date.



Our main goal with this financial tool is to provide highly relevant information to our valued visitors about their loan's amortization schedule. As one of the most popular online amortization calculators, we belive that we satisfy the needs of our users.

The project started as a quick sidebar Java loan calculator widget and grew into a complete standalone website. The first idea was to provide real estate brokers and sales agents a simple cut and paste implementable calculator, but soon enough we realized that the required functions just would not fit in a side box.

The development of this website is far from finished. We do not improve it continuously, but periodically we add new features to it. We have released a Mozilla Firefox toolbar and search plugin, added downloadable OpenOffice and Excel amortization calculator spreadsheets and made a facelift to the design in 2011.

If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us!