amortization schedule calculator

OpenOffice and Excel mortgage loan amortization spreadsheets. Loan calculator templates with the amortization formula.

amortization formula

Below you can find the amortization formula for a single periodic payment. The same one is used by our amortization schedule calculator.

amortization formula

A - the amount of a single periodic payment
i - periodic interest rate
P - outstanding principal (the loan amount)
n - number of regular payment periods

Note that it is simpler to use an online calculator!

Loan amortization calculator

The amount that you owe or wish to borrow.


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Loan amount should be a number! Comma "," can be used as a digit grouping symbol. Please use the dot as a decimal symbol.

Example amount: 150,000.00

Annual interest rate paid for the borrowed money.


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Interest must be given in a number format and the decimal symbol must be a dot!

Example interest rate: 4.25

Length can be entered either in months or years.




Select the appropriate payment frequency below.

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Enter a start date or leave empty for today's date.


Amortization spreadsheets

If for some reason you wish to calculate your loan schedule offline, you can download various Microsoft Excel amortization schedule calculator templates from the internet. We have created an amortization calculator template for OpenOffice and linked another Microsoft Excel amortization calculator spreadsheet.

OpenOffice is a free and open source Office Suit software. It is compatible with almost all Office Suites, therefore it is a perfect replacement for Microsoft Excel. Download the oo amortization spreadsheet for OpenOffice Calc now!

Microsoft Office is the most widely used Office Suit today. You can run Office Excel on Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX operating systems as well. Download the excel amortizations spreadsheet for Microsoft Office Excel now!

In case these templates does not satisfy all your needs, we suggest that you visit Vertex42 for a huge choice of Excel financial calculators. These templates can be used with OpenOffice as well.